It's never too early to order!! ~as there is a limit to the number of cakes I'm able to produce per week!

Your date can be reserved with a deposit ~ well in advance of your celebration date~ even if you have no idea of the design you would like!  Cake details can be decided later on but securing your space means you have peace of mind that your cake is guaranteed~as dates CANNOT be 'held' without a deposit!

To be fair to everyone, I have to operate on a 'first come,first served' basis, so avoid disappointment and save your space before someone else snaps it up!!!

Last~minute orders can sometimes be possible too! So if you have forgotten to organise your cake~ please get in touch and I will do my best to help~ it's always worth asking!!



Please view my price guides before enquiring, so that you have an idea in advance of what your cake may cost. It's impossible to have a set price list for custom cakes. as mostly, they are unique to individual requirements, but the price guide will help you to decide if wish to proceed to make an enquiry or not.


How Do I Order / Make An Enquiry?

Step 1

 Simply contact me on:

 07736 814258 or email [email protected]

to check, first of all, if your required date is available!

Step 2

Once I have confirmed that your date is free, please supply as much information as possible about your design ideas~ please email photos/sketches/descriptions etc.~ including number of servings and for wedding cakes, the venue too. 

I can then give you various, no obligation quotes and options for you to consider ~ upon sending your quote,your required date will be held for 48 hours for you to decide whether or not you'd like to proceed to order, but if I have not had a reply, then your date will be released again for anyone else to book.

Please note, that most designs can be flexible, so if the quote is a little over your budget, we can always re~consider your design and maybe make a simplified version that is more acceptable to your pocket!~ I will try to help you anyway I can!

Step 3

If you are happy with the quotes and wish to proceed to order, a deposit is then required which secures your booking

This can be paid either in cash or BACS via online banking (preferred method) ~ or  PayPal is also an option but fees of 3.4%+20p have to be applied for PayPal charges.


 50% deposit is required for celebration cakes costing up to £200

 £100 deposit is required for celebration cakes costing over £200~ the balance for celebration cakes is due 2 weeks before your event.

£100 deposit is required for wedding cakes and the balance due one month before your wedding date.


For last minute orders with notice of approx 2 weeks or less, payment in full will be required.

Step 3

Once a deposit is paid, I can then supply you with a rough sketch, should it be needed, of how your cake will look and discuss your design in greater detail~ this can all be done by email or phone for celebration cakes.


Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, it is impossible to hold consultations for every cake order, but most cakes can be arranged via phone & email, no problem!  

Wedding cakes and special commission cakes over £300, usually take much longer to plan, so a consultation with cake tasting can be arranged in my studio, once an order has been confirmed with a deposit ~ ensuring that valuable time is reserved and dedicated for genuine customers only. 



Please understand that ALL deposits are NON~REFUNDABLE and NON~TRANSFERABLE to another date~ as your deposit holds that particular date for you~this offsets my losses(a little!) as I may not get another order to fill that date and I may have turned away many other potential customers requesting the same date, plus I will already have spent time discussing, researching and sketching your design and possibly have items already made too.

It's NEVER too early to book!~so make sure you secure your required date with a deposit first, then the design can be finalised at a later date!

I look forward to hearing from you with your wonderful cake design ideas!